Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is NextOn calendar? NextOn bio-tech-med calendar is a curated database gathering information on events about: medicine, healthcare, biotechnology, medical technologies, pharma, bioinformatics, bio-nanotechnology, biomaterials and other related fields from a variety of different sources. We are interested mainly in events happening in the Copenhagen - Lund - Malmö area and linked to science commercialisation, innovative R&D, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

    In some (justified) cases we also publish information about traditional scientific conferences. However, we tend to not include research meetings in the calendar as they usually target relatively narrow audiences.
  2. Is the NextOn calendar free? We firmly believe in a free access to information. Therefore, the calendar is free to use for everyone.
  3. Can I add my event to the NextOn calendar? Yes, we have a special event submission form for that. Please check whether your event matches our profile. While we strive to add new events as soon as possible, in certain situations it may take us a few days to verify your submission and add it to the public calendar. We also may contact you back and ask for some further details regarding the event.
  4. How can I subscribe to the NextOn calendar? There are two ways of subscribing to the NextOn calendar:
    Using the iCalendar (.ics) - most calendar programmes (including apps on smartphones and tablets) support remote subscriptions,
    Using the RSS feed - many email programmes can display RSS feeds. There are also dedicated RSS agregators that can be used.
    Please check below for further details. No matter which way you choose, new events added to the calendar by the NextOn will be automatically synchronised with your computer or mobile device.
  5. How can I subscribe to the iCalendar (.ics)? Adding NextOn calendar to your Google Calendar You can subscribe to the NextOn iCalendar (.ics) remote calendar using your favourite calendar program on your computer and mobile device. Click HERE and subscribe by opening the file in your calendar app.

    Google Calendar users can subscribe by clicking the "+" button (located next to "Add a friend's calendar"), selecting "From URL" from the menu, and pasting:

    Here are some guides for some other popular programs: iCal, Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone.

    Android users can subscribe with their account linked to their phone or tablet (via Google Calendar as described above), which will be then synced automatically with the mobile device.
  6. How can I subscribe to the calendar RSS feed? You can subscribe to the NextOn calendar RSS feed by clicking here: Depending on your setup, you may be able to view the feed directly in the web browser as "Live Bookmarks" (Firefox) or "Subscription" (Safari). Chrome users need to install one of many RSS extensions.

    It is also possible to subscribe to NextOn calendar RSS feed using email clients. Here are some guides for Outlook and Thunderbird. OSX Mail does not support RSS feeds any more (since 10.8 "Mountain Lion"). Mac users can use Safari instead.
  7. How does NextOn gather information about events? We rely on information publically available on the internet as well as direct submissions form event organisers.
  8. How can I filter events happening only in my area? All NextOn iCalendar events have a category describing their geographical location in one of the three areas: Copenhagen, Lund or Malmö. Many calendar programs can filter events based on categories. Therefore, you should be able to display only events happening in your area.
  9. Why are you publishing information about my event? If your event is in your database, but you have not submitted it yourself, then it is likely we found its details online. We strive to maintain an up-to-date calendar database and regularly search the internet for publicly available information on different types of events. Please let us know if you would like to have the information we publish altered in any way.
  10. The event was postponed, cancelled or the agenda changed! We are sorry to hear that the event you were interested in did not happen in accordance with the description published in the NextOn calendar. We try to update event information and tend to provide direct links to organizers' websites whenever possible. With the large number of events we gather in the calendar it is unavoidable that we may miss some changes to few NextOn entries.
  11. Do you warranty the accuracy of the information published in the NextOn calendar? We try to keep the information published in the NextOn calendar accurate and up to date. However, we take no responsibility for the information published.
  12. May I reuse the information published in the NextOn calendar? You are allowed to link, cite this website and spread information on social media. However, due to agreements we have with some of our partners, you would need to ask us for explicit permission for any regular or bulk reuse of the data we publish.
  13. Who maintains the NextOn calendar? The NextOn website as well as the event calendar database are maintained by a group of volunteers. We are enthusiasts of innovations, especially in the bio-tech-med-pharma sector. We felt that there was a need for a single place to gather all events in the Copenhagen - Lund - Malmö area. We maintain NextOn in our free time.
  14. Can I join the NextOn team? Yes, we are an ever growing group. There is always something on our to-do list so all help is more than welcome. Please send us a message to let us know you are interested.